TAMU Chancellor Must Go

Aggies, we need to speak up

Posted in Uncategorized by Luke on May 30, 2009

This site is dedicated to discussing the future of Texas A&M, especially with regards to it’s current Chancellor in light of this article:  http://www.theeagle.com/am/Pair-says-A-amp-amp-M-s-Vision-2020-at-risk

I couldn’t find an central, online venue for Aggies to discuss this disturbing issue, so I’m starting one. I hope that concerned Aggies will express their opinions here.

Please leave your comments about A&M, the Chancellor, and what you think we should do by commenting on this post. If we receive enough support, I will do whatever I can to see that the Regents, faculty and others at A&M see what is being said here.

Folks, understand something: there is mention in this article of dissolving the University President’s Office. I’m asking you to consider what that can do to a university. Guys, where we went to school, and what that diploma hanging on the wall means, that’s important.

Please read this: http://www.theeagle.com/am/A-amp-amp-M-may-combine-top-posts

I don’t know what the chancellor is up to,” he said, “but I think he’s obviously decided to do away with the concept of shared governance. ~theeagle.com


Time to decide which side you’re on

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Call to action: decide what you think about McKinney as a potential University President, folks. Or, perhaps Gov. Perry as Prez, if you listen to the conspiracy theorists. It’s in the works, folks. Decide where you stand and if you’re okay with it.

Here we go

If you do nothing else on this site, watch the McKinney videos related to Dr. Murano’s first review as President:

McKinney videos

More Questions

Posted in Uncategorized by Luke on June 2, 2009
  • Would anyone have suggested “cost-cutting” the A&M-CS Presidency if Bob Gates were still in charge? Of course not.
  • If cost-savings are the main motivation, then don’t you first consider rolling up that position at the smaller institutions? If McKinney can handle the CS job, then can’t he also handle the presidency at the 2 smallest?

Open to suggestions

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Decisions are made by those that show up.

If anyone has any ideas to improve the effectiveness of this forum, please, please, comment and let me know. Most importantly, I’m looking for ways to elevate the voice of concerned alums. The question is: what can we do to sort out this mess? From my vantage point, the Board of Regents has always operated in a perceived cloak of secrecy. So, do we take this to the state legislative level? I don’t know the answer. Let me know what you think.

Many thanks.